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How do you maintain a practice head?

Working with a hairdresser's head is a great way to learn the ropes and keep practicing. A practice head is therefore specially made for experimenting. It allows you to try new things and to further develop certain skills.

It is important that you also take into account the maintenance of the hairdresser's head. The maintenance of a practice head is required to keep everything in good condition. But what should you really pay attention to?

Wash the practice head

It goes without saying that it is important to wash the practice head every so often. In principle, the frequency of this also depends on the intensity with which you use a practice head. Especially when you use certain hair products or when you often have your hands in your hair, it is important to wash thoroughly.

If you use a practice head with real hair, it is wise to treat with conditioner. This makes the hair a lot more treatable. For synthetic hair, you always have to look at the possibilities for each type of hair. Not every care product is suitable for every type of synthetic hair.

Braiding possibilities practice head: What can you do with it?

The moment you really focus on your development in hairdressing skills, the braiding possibilities of the practice head will also soon be discussed. Of course you want to indulge yourself and see which braids you can put in the hair.

There is good news in that area. With a practice head you are able to put a lot of different braids in the hair. The most important requirement is that you choose a practice head with long hair. Now of course there are also options for braids with short hair, but these are a lot more limited. With long hair you can braid over and over, take out the knots and braid again. Some examples of braid options are:

  • Herringbone Braid: The herringbone braid owes its name to the clear pattern that is reminiscent of a herringbone. This is one of the most famous forms of braiding. It doesn't take long to braid it in once you've mastered the shape.
  • Braided bangs: The braided fringe is a recent trend. You see this a little less often, but it is slowly increasing in popularity. By testing it several times on the practice head, it won't take you long to master it.
  • Double Dutch braid: Finally, you also have the option to try out the double Dutch braid. This braid provides a traditional look that brings a smile to many women's faces.

Of course you can go a lot of other ways with braiding hair with a practice head. It is simply important that you know what the possibilities are. With real, long hair, there's basically nothing stopping you. Even the use of style equipment is then possible to make braiding even easier.

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