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How do you treat tangles in your wig?

The moment you bring a wig into your home, there are immediately important issues that you will have to deal with. We're talking about maintaining the wig and treating tangles. Both are relatively precise activities that you must perform in the right way for maximum results. That's why we stop here for a moment.

Treating tangles: How does it work?

Treating tangles. These are also common when using a wig. It is important that you know exactly how to deal with this. There are also a number of standard rules that you must adhere to when treating tangles. With this in the foreground you always work the right way. However, the order is also important when treating tangles:

  1. Feel where the tangles are with your hand
  2. Choose one
  3. Grab the hair a little above the tangle with one hand
  4. With your other hand, take a comb and start combing through the tangle
  5. Repeat this process for all tangles

It is very important that you always keep the following in mind:

  • NEVER comb the hair while it is still wet

Doing this with wet hair can have all sorts of negative effects on the hair itself. You can see this again when the hair dries up again.

So do you have a wig or are you planning to buy a wig? Then always keep the above information at hand in the beginning. By getting started in the right way, you maximize the chance that you are and remain satisfied with the hair work. You will enjoy using it for years to come. The correct information in this area ensures that you do not make unnecessary mistakes that you will regret later.

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