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What can you do with hair loss?

Hair loss is of course never pleasant. Whether you are a man or a woman, we all value a good head of hair. There are various causes of hair loss. But what is perhaps much nicer to hear; multiple solutions are also possible. In the end, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Major causes of hair loss

When it comes to hair loss, there are a few possible causes that stand out. One of the most famous examples is when there is cancer. The moment you receive chemotherapy, your hair will slowly start to fall out. The good thing is that you know that it will return after chemotherapy.

Another major cause of hair loss is alopecia. With alopecia, specific bald spots often appear first, before the baldness continues to expand. For example, some people also have to deal with hair loss in the eyebrows. But what can you do about these causes of hair loss?

The answer is quite simple; buy a wig.

Choose a wig with real hair or synthetic hair?

When you actually get to know a wig for the first time, the choice is not always easy. Should you choose a wig with real hair or synthetic hair? What are the main differences between the two options?

Real hair

First of all, let's take a closer look at the wigs with real hair. For example, they are known for their 24-hour portability. Moreover, you do not have to deal with a sweaty scalp and there is a limited degree of itching. Disadvantages are that the delivery time is often very long, the hair is sometimes of poor quality and it does not look natural.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is now indistinguishable from real hair. Made of a thin fiber, it looks very natural. In addition, it is known for staying well in the right model. Even after a wash. They are also known for their good color retention and affordable price.

So do you want to purchase a completely natural hairpiece in an affordable way?

Then you would do well to opt for synthetic hair. Moreover, it is not only very maintenance-friendly, but also remains in an optimal condition for a long time. This way you will be provided with beautiful hair in the coming time and you will go through life with a beautiful smile again.

Check out the light brown synthetic wig with lace front here (which is minimally visible on your forehead!) Then click on the photo to go to the front lace wig!

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12:28 Friday.09 December 2022

Een kennis van mij heeft ook last van haarverlies door Alopecia. Ze is op dit moment bezig met het bekijken van de verschillende opties. Een pruik zou ze ook erg graag willen hebben. Ik zal haar deze informatie doorsturen. https://www.haarhuishammer.nl/servicegebied/drachten

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